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Stephen Sherwood as GARRET

Ismael Mendez as JONATHAN

Sarah Klaren as SAMANTHA

Eric Alicea as MR.CLEVELAND

Ellen Ho as JENNIFER

Marius Layus as ARTHUR

David Henneman as FRANK

Lester Acevedo as TOM

by Bradford Alicea

08/18/08 - WOW, it's been a whole year since I've updated this thing, sorry folks. Well, we have been on a rollercoaster of events that I am finally glad to say, "YES," we have finished this movie! There are various versions on the web, try our new MySpace page, or our Vimeo page to see some more cool stuff!

08/18/07 - Things sure have been slow here. I have word from the editor that things won't be done now until end of October!!! We are hoping for a cast/crew screening on Holloween! Hope things don't get off track any further. Thanks for all your help and patience.

07/30/07 - I've been keeping in touch with my editor and sound engineer, both have no problem finishing by September. I went out earlier this month and shot some stock footage of a few high schools in the Corona area for the movie and have perfected some really cool effects for the climax of "Raising Cleveland!"

07/02/07 - The Raising Cleveland Trailer is as complete as it's gonna get. If it didn't auto play for you above, then click play and enjoy!

07/01/07 - I'm almost done with a promo for the movie. Thanks to Andrew Kramer of www.VIDEOCOPILOT.net and www.CreativeCow.net for the elements used to create the score to the promo. Just want to say thanks for all of your help and knowledge. We have a good timeline for finishing things up. Any one that wants to see a sneak peak of the trailer, you can press PLAY on the black screen above, or follow this LINK to our VIDEOS page to check it out. Hope all of you are having a fun and safe 4th of July, and hope none of you have to work on this great holiday for drinking and BBQ-ing!

05/10/07 - I'm sure you are all wondering, "when is that Brad guy gonna finish his zombie movie?" I appologize for the long wait, but I am still on schedule to finish the movie by end of summer 2007(this year.) For those of you who have been wanting a sneak peak... this is probably all you'll get until the DVD is released(or if we have a cast and crew screening, one thing at a time though.) Since I was getting tired of watching the same old effects test I've been perfecting for the movie while I wait for my editor to turn the film over to me, I made this "Gag-reel" for the true fans out there. Hope you all enjoy!

04/04/07 - New screen shots have been posted to the site if you didn't notice and "YES," I did save a lot of the good shots. I don't want to give too much away. I also put up a cast list for any of you fans out there! Just waiting on my editor for a rough cut of the movie and my sound tech is already working on some new tunes for the score! Getting excited... post is so much fun!!! Ü

03/31/07 - We finally wrapped up shooting in the Bay Area... for now. It's going to be a few weeks before my editor can start sifting through the footage. I've watched all of it and must say there is some really good stuff. I can't wait to start post! We did have some major hangups during the final shoot, but nothing a great crew and cast couldn't overcome. Be back soon, and I should also have some good still shots coming.

02/14/07 - OK, now that I've got my head back in the game, I'm ready to start planning everything for our final FINAL shoot. This time for sure. We are planning to finish things up on March 18th and 25th. Keep you all updated! Ü

01/27/07 - Rain rain go away! Big surprise, the local weather man is full of crap! We were planning to film outdoors both nights of the 27th and the 28th. With the buckets of rain pouring down in the afternoon, I had to make the most painful decision to call the whole thing off for the weekend, for there were no signs of things letting up!

01/14/07 - I just got the NEW official word... we have ourselves a new lead actress! I can start sleeping again. I'm sure everyone will make Sarah feel right at home and part of the team. I can see things all coming together now. This is great! We are now set to film on the 27Th and 28Th of January on location. Anyone who actually reads this, wish us luck!

01/08/07 - We just got the official word that our lead actress will not be joining us for the remainder of our shoot. This is very troubling news since we already filmed a lot of her scenes on location during our previous shoot. No sense in dwelling on what can't be changed, and belive me, I've tried to change it. I have just posted the part on Craigslist.com and am hoping to here back soon from some aspiring actresses. Other than that setback, everyone on the cast and crew are all excited to wrap this movie up. I myself can't wait for it to all come together on the digital cutting room floor.

11/28/06 - Today I took my footage from the two days of shooting to my editor, Tim Amick, of Chowns Productions. We had a few good laughs, ate spagetti, then laughed some more. He is very happy with what Joe, our cinematographer, has done so far. He also pointed out some minor shots we missed in our initial shoot, nothing we can't get back in a few hours... so we're still on schedule. The lighting looks pretty good, after post is complete, things should look really good!

11/25/06 - 2nd day of shooting went a lot easier. We seemed to work a lot of kinks out after the first day and really got down to business on day 2! The actors really made things easy by being patient with the crew and helping out. We actually finished shooting an hour and a half ahead of schedule for the day, which was very good considering temperatures were much lower than the previous night.

11/24/06 - 1st day of shooting and things got off to a rough start but as the day went on, all ended up going very well. Most of the crew showed up and all the cast met each other for the first time. The first 2 days of shooting are all outdoors so we hope to finish on time to avoid any extremely cold temperatures. Special thanks to our new make-up artists Rita Valkanoff and Sylwia Mrozowski for really putting things together!