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I personally am very excited about this movie. I have written the script and am directing side-by-side with David. A very talented friend of Dave's, Joseph McCarthy, is going to be our cinematographer. This film is going to be our first horror film. Filming starts late November '06. Here's the lowdown;

After Ronald Cleveland, a teacher who taught the dark arts as an unauthorized extra-curricular activity is killed in a car accident, some of his students attempt to ressurect him. Unfortunately, the beast they have unleashed has no desire to fulfill their thirst for knowledge, but rather endulge himself in his new found hunger for flesh.

The Challenge

A story dealing with illegal street racing and an underground fighting ring. Current pre-production has this film near feature length, with production pushed out until mid-2007. The purpose of this project is to hone our skills as geared toward the action genre with emphasis on action sequences and of course, to have a lot of FUN! David Henneman is currently writing and producing this film. Production has been pushed out from it's 2006 schedule due to difficulties with the script. " the end it will be a successful movie in all aspects," says David about "The Challenge."

This Movie was shot mostly in Cupertino, CA around late June 2006. Brad and David thought up the idea in a day and filmed it 3 days later after work. By no means is this our best work. Mostly it was done because we don't get together due to our geographical differences. We couldn't get together and NOT film anything, so this is the product. Currently this film is in post-production, even though you can find a rough-cut of it HERE, we are nowhere near completion. Editing needs to be tuned and the sound and special effects are still needed. We are hopefully getting an original score composed for this project by Acromic of MagneticFlux. This is also the first time we've attempted the ever popular "lightsaber effect."