Bradford Alicea

David Henneman

Lester Acevedo

Even before the acquisition of his Canon XL-2, David has been a non-stop movie making machine! He currently is writing and directing his first feature film by the working name of "The Challenge." Along with his creative juices flowing through onto paper, David has also had starring roles in many short films.

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As co-founder of WeLuvMovies, Brad has taken the initiative to host this web-site among many other projects. He has a new found love for the ever popular Adobe's After Effects. He is currently experimenting on various visual and special FX for most of the upcoming projects by WeLuvMovies!

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Though you haven't seen him in much, yet, Lester is the most dedicated artist I've had the pleasure of working with. He is always very eager to get started on any project and even helped out as crew on our most recent film in which he starred in. Dedication like his, is the force that has helped created WeLuvMovies!

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